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===Who are the Admins?===
===Who are the Admins?===
The Current Admins are [[Ajcool]], [[Jmck95]], [[Kesaro]], [[CptRct]] and [[Budderman]].
The Current Admins are [[Ajcool]], [[Jmck95]], [[Kesaro]], and [[Budderman]].
===Who are the Mods?===
===Who are the Mods?===

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Where do I build?

If you are new to the server, you can build within the world known as Travelers Valley.

Players of the rank Builder or higher can build within Travelers Valley, the Sandbox, and our main world, Xavon.

Can I use WorldEdit?

Yes! Within the Travelers Valley, a Traveler will have access to Full VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within their plot!

Builders can use Full VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within the Sandbox.

Residents have access to Full VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within all worlds they have access to build in.

How do I get rank?

You can obtain the Rank of Builder by applying in-game using your Travelers Valley plot.

Further information on Rank progression can be found on the Ranks page.

Who owns the Server?

Ajcool is the owner of the server, and the primary provider of it's upkeep both financially and digitally, however all Admins provide support in a variety of ways.

Who are the Admins?

The Current Admins are Ajcool, Jmck95, Kesaro, and Budderman.

Who are the Mods?

The Current Moderators are Jeasolis , Kuraishin and JJ1forces

Can I have OP?

No, Operator status is not given out under any circumstances unless under the direct supervision of an Admin.

This is not debatable, if an Admin refuses to give you OP, do not press the matter any further.

Can I apply for Staff?

No, we prefer not to use an application system to select our Moderators, but instead to pick from valued and active members of the community.

If you wish to become a Moderator, the best way is to engage actively in the community and server, as well as contribute to major projects.

Where is the PvP arena?

ThetaBlocks is primarily a creative server, and therefore does not currently support any type of survival or pvp related game play.

How do I find Builds?

From the spawn area, jumping into any ship or air balloon will teleport you to an associated project, alternatively you can ask in chat to be shown around.