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"Popo's about to teach you the Pecking Order."

This page contains information on the various ranks that exist on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server and ThetaBlocks community. These ranks and their abilities are subject to change at any time if the server staff deem it necessary. Knowing the information on this page is a great benefit to players of all ranks.

Rank Progression

The progression of ranks on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server is a little different depending on the rank that is next to be obtained. These Ranks are always subject to change, with additional ranks being added depending on situations and administrative discussion.

To be promoted to Builder, you have 1 option.

  • Create a build within the Travelers Valley and request that it be reviewed by a Moderator or Administrator.
  • Other Players may review your build and offer feedback, but only a Moderator or Administrator may promote you.

To be promoted to Resident, you must meet two criteria.

  • Be nominated by a player who is currently the Rank of Resident or higher, and then be approved by an Admin.
  • Provide proof that you understand the tools that are provided with the Rank of Resident and how to use them safely and effectively. (This is based purely on the decision of an Administrator)

To be promoted to Moderator, you have 1 option.

  • Be recognized by the Administration to display qualities befitting the views and beliefs of the rank of Moderator. This rank is provided as an option to those that the Administration believes would fulfill the role effectively without the abuse of power or status.
  • Moderators are promoted per agreement of a majority of Administrators.

To be promoted to Administrator, you have 1 option

  • Have it determined that you, as a player and person, embody the qualities of an Administrator and show you have the trust and support of every other Administrator on the server. This rank is only provided at the sole discretion of the existing Administrators, Ajcool_, Jmck95, Rct, Kesaro and Budderman.

Minecraft Ranks

ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server ranks, and their permissions, benefits, and rewards are as follows:


Traveler is the very first rank obtained by players upon logging into the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server. They are fully equipped to explore and discover the various areas and projects that exist on the server. Travelers appear with GREY names in chat.

Travelers can:

  • Change their game mode.
  • Spawn playerheads using the HeadDatabase plugin.
  • Change their personal time and weather with /ptime and /pweather.
  • Access the tools provided by the Builders Utilities plugin such as /banner (banner configurator), /nv (nightvision), /blocks (secret blocks menu), /advfly (advanced fly), and /nc (noclip), and more.
  • Use commands to which they have access.
  • Build within areas designated by server staff.
  • Use full access to VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within their plot in Travelers Valley.
  • Use goBrush within their plot.
  • Apply for Builder with an in-game application using their plot.
  • Explore the various worlds that exist on the ThetaBlocks server.

Builder is the second rank that can be obtained on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server. Players who have obtained this rank have access to build within every public world on the server, and assist on projects by asking the project lead for permission to do so. Builders may also start their own projects within the main world. Builders appear with a CYAN name in chat.

Builders can do everything that Travelers can do including:

  • Register to access and view the server Dynmap.
  • Change their flight/walk speed.
  • Paste links in chat.
  • Build within most worlds on the server.
  • Assist others on projects with permission from said project lead.
  • Use full VoxelSniper and WorldEdit(except //fast) within the Sandbox.

Resident is the rank provided to players who have shown that they have a level of maturity and skill in which they can be trusted with extremely powerful tools. Residents appear with a LIGHT GREEN name in chat.

Residents have access to everything that a Builder does including:

  • Full access to VoxelSniper (except punish brush) across all worlds
  • Full access to WorldEdit and Fast Async WorldEdit (except //fast) across all worlds
  • Access to /me
  • Access to /tp

Moderator is the rank provided to those that the server staff believe can be trusted to uphold the standards and ideals for which the ThetaBlocks community stands. Moderators are provided with all the tools that server staff believe are necessary to keep the peace, and maintain order on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server. Moderators appear with a DARK PURPLE name in chat.

Moderators have access to everything that a Resident does including:

  • Access to /vanish. (only to be used in enforcing server policies and rules)
  • Access to the ability to /tptoggle and the varieties of /tp.
  • Access to changing server time and weather.
  • Access to the ability to kick players who do not comply with server rules, or are being unruly or disruptive.
  • Access to the ability to mute players who do not comply with server rules, or are being unruly or disruptive.
  • Access to change player display names in chat using /nickname as per the request of the player, as long as said request is within reason.
  • Access to features of core protect such as /inspect and /lookup.
  • Access to the use of /broadcast to inform players about important information that is relative to them or what they are doing.


Administrators are the leaders of the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server. They are here to provide assistance to all players and see to the needs of the server and the community.

Administrators have access to every command, and are expected to avoid the abuse of this power. Misuse of power by an administrator will be investigated by the server owner and other administrators.


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