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Joining the Server

How do I join?

You can get started in joining the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server by visiting the Getting Started page.

Whats the server IP?

The server IP address can be obtained by reading the ThetaBlocks Terms of Service.

Building on the Server

Where do I build?

If you are new to the server, you can build within the world known as Travelers Valley. Players of the rank Builder or higher can build within the main world, or any other public world available on the server.

Can I use VoxelSniper or WorldEdit?

Yes! Within the Travelers Valley, there is a zone known as the VoxelSniper Vale! This can be accessed by using the tunnel behind the Travelers Valley spawn point. In the VoxelSniper Vale, a Traveler will have access to limited VoxelSniper and WorldEdit.

Builders can use VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within a designated portion of the Sandbox.

Residents have full access to VoxelSniper and WorldEdit within all public worlds on the server.


Why does everything look weird?

You may have forgotten to apply the latest version of the offical ThetaBlocks Resource Pack! Be sure to do so before joining!

How do I get to the Survival area or PVP arena?

ThetaBlocks is primarily a creative server, and therefore does not currently support any type of survival or pvp related game play.