Flying Cloth

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Flying Cloth
Flying Cloth

A female (left) and a male (right)

Basic information
Kingdom Animal
Class Aves
Species: Flying cloth
Binominal name: Aviarius Linteum
Habitat: Xavon

The Flying Cloth is a species of bird, characterised by its cloth-like appearance.

Appearance and behaviour

The male of the species has long, thick wooden looking legs, whereas the female has very short, thin legs.
While not aggressive towards humans, it will attack if it feels threatened.

Flying Cloths can usually be found in Brenland during the summer, and in warmer areas such as Chahkgri during the winter.

Older Cloths often choose to no longer fly, and will settle in urban areas. They often allow merchants to sell wares in their shade.


Though attempts have been made over the years, no one has managed to tame a Flying Cloth yet.

A man named Jeffrey from the town of Lochbridge got very close, but he was attacked by the Cloth he had locked in his basement, leaving him without a right arm and eye.