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Ravenshore Rumble

Run amok around the winding labyrinth of Ravenshore's slums while a madman with a bow chases you! Fun for all ages!

Hide and Seek Rules:


  • ALL players must do /gm 2.
  • Spectators must do /gm 3.
  • Hunters will recieve a god bow and stack of arrows.
  • Runners will recieve a stack of mundane lingering potions (/i 441 64), and 1 Lingering Potion of Swiftness II from the creative menu.
  • Players are allowed Elytra, but may not use fireworks for boosts.


  • ALL players must press F1 at the start of the game.
  • Hunters and Runners will start in the same area or building.
    • Hunters will give the Runners a 15-30 second head start (depending on how many players per game).
    • Hunters are allowed to watch which direction players are headed, but cannot move until time is up.
  • NO placing or breaking blocks. If you get stuck, ask a spectator for help or accept your fate.
  • The rest of the city (across the bridges) and water is OFF LIMITS. If you accidentally fall in, have someone tp you back into the city.
  • Every minute, or if you're just feeling a bit cheeky, Runners must make noise at least once. Use doors, trap doors, or your potions.
    • You may throw potions away from your position as long as you still make noise.
    • Before you run out of mundane lingering potions, you're allowed to give yourself more with /more, but you may not use this for your speed potion. You are only allowed one speed potion per game.
  • Runners cannot fight back.
  • Killed Runners may return as spectators (unless playing Horde; see below).


Depending on the game mode, Hunters or Runners can win in various ways:

  • Last Man Standing: The last Runner alive wins the game.
    • Horde Mode: For added shenanigans and challenge, if a Runner dies, they can return with a god bow and join the Hunter team until one last Runner remains.
  • Time's Up: The Hunter has a set time (depends on number of players) in which to kill all Runners. Hunter wins if all die, and Runners win if at least one person is still alive at the end of the game.
  • The Hunt: Similar to Time's Up but no time limit. The Hunter will always win.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hardcore Parkour! The slums are built so you can easily run and jump from rooftop to rooftop.
  • Elytra can be used for a quick escape. Jump off high towers to evade persuers.
  • Try moving around a lot to keep the Hunter guessing, but beware: the Hunter can listen for footsteps!