Port Opaudee

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Port Opaudee
Port Opaudee
Type: Region
Location: Xavon
Founded: 2017
Status: In Progress
Lead architect: Kuraishin
Notable contributors: *If you are a contributor, feel free to include your name here!* Jeasolis
Travel: MY Blue Water: Yacht harbored in Port Homage


Information Forthcoming

Points of Interest

Cathedral (Kuraishin)
Port Terminal (Kuraishin)

  • Diablos Night Club (Kuraishin)
  • Samedi Sweets (SekerAsar)
    • Papa Linto's Parlour
    • NIBO Kafe & Patisri
  • BBTC (Jeasolis)
  • Budd's Rad Music Store! (Budderman)
  • Happy Lucky Golden Dragon Special Noodles
  • Jewelry Store
  • O'Voxelty's Irish Bar (Kesaro)
  • Thetbuck's
  • The Juicy Dangler (Thimble_Tack)
  • Bookworm's Cafe

Light House
Suspension Bridge
Parking Garage