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Type: Island City
Location: South Xavon Sea, East Of Brenland
Founded: 1574
Status: Exterior Complete
Lead architect: Jeasolis, Vox_
Notable contributors: CptRct, JayEmCeeKay, Budderman
Travel: /Warp Rovino

"Rovino blah blah blah, built in 4 days, blah blah, stunning architecture, blah blah, shanty town, blah blah, smugglers"


Rovino also known as the "Pearl of the Ocean" is a Island City located in the southern Xavon Sea just east of the coast of Brenland. With its stunning ocean vistas, fishing harbour and a church to crown the top, Rovino is a fine holiday destination for any home-detesting Xavonians. Enjoy a glass of wine on a balcony, or go exploring in the smelly, but homely shanty town. Visit the church and pray to the lord of creativity. Sail out to the lighthouse (and try not to capsize). Have dinner at Rovino's finest restaurant, The Palladian.


On the first day, Vox bequeathed upon the world a rock island. And all could see that it was shit, so Jea fixed it.
On the first day still, Vox laid the foundations. And all could see that it made sense.
On the second day, Vox and Jea built all the houses. And all could see that it was quite good.
On the third day, Vox build a church and Jea built the rest. And all could see that the church painting was off-centered.
On the fourth day, Vox and Jea build a shanty town. And all could see that it was shit, but in a shanty town way.


Though fishermen had been living on the island for millenia, the town was formally founded in 1657, when king John VI sailed east. Upon seeing the mighty rock island that was Rovino, he had a church built on its pinnacle. After the death of the fishing trade, Rovino instead focused on tourism and housing the many pilgrims who came to visit the curch. Without much to export, Rovino has become a vital link between Brenland and the eastern lands.


The Rovino Post Office

Something's Fishy - Bar

The Palladian - Restaurant

The Church Of Saint Bob

The tomb of Geoffrey Charles the Third and Claues the Flamboyant Flamingo

The Observatory

Jerry's Bookstore

BBTC Merchant

Tom's Royal Jewelry Shop

Mario's Herbs