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Basic information
Lead developer: Rezel
Documentation: Rct
Source: GitHub

Thetaport is a plugin designed to provide a more immersive teleportation experience by enabling users to set time delays, require ticket items and set up redstone activation.


/tpcreate <name> <arguments>

Creates a ThetaPort and gives the user a tool to select the port zone with Creating a port requires 3 right clicks:

  • 1 selects cuboid point 1
  • 2 selects cuboid point 2
  • 3 selects the port's arrival location
Argument Description Example
-os <amount of time> Sets time between entering a ThetaPort and being teleported requires a number and a unit of time (days, hours, minutes) -os 3d50m
-r Resets the port creation process -r
-t Makes the port require a ticket item -t

/tplink <port1> <port2>

Links 2 ThetaPorts so that entering port1 will put the user at the arrival point of port2 and vie versa

/tpunlink <port>

Deletes links connected to the specified ThetaPort

/tpdelete <port>

Deletes the specified ThetaPort

/tparrival <port> <message>

Sets the arrival message for the specified ThetaPort Accepts regular formatting codes

/tpdeparture <port> <message>

Sets the departure message for the specified ThetaPort Accepts regular formatting codes and &t to display the remaining time if there is an offset

/tplist <arguments>

Lists ThetaPorts

Argument Description Example
-l Lists only unlinked ThetaPorts -l
-ul Lists only unlinked ThetaPorts -ul