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Type: City
Location: South Xavon
Status: Finished
Lead architect: Vox_
Travel: HMS Gibson from Port Homage

Thimbleton is a city in the east of Brenland founded by king John of Castle Davíd in 1243. A merchant town on the edge of the Xavon sea, the town is filled with quaint cafés and markets with everything from tea to toothpaste. The town is a short cart ride from both Lochbridge and Brenswick


For centuries a small fishing village lay quietly on the east Brenlandic shore. Nothing much had ever happened in the quaint town until around 1238 where a young merchant named John set up his tea trading stall. A year later he was made mayor, and the village had grown into a town. A small decade later the town had grown to such a size that he felt it needed a name. He named it Thimbleton after the towns chief export - Thimble Tea. The town is Brenland's largest exporter of tea to this day, with a few 'special blends' sold on the black market.