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What to Do Before Joining the Server!


All of us here at ThetaBlocks are delighted about your interest in our server and services! Before proceeding with joining and connnecting to the Minecraft server, there are a few preliminary actions that we suggest you take to make your experience in the ThetaBlocks community as enjoyable as possible! Please take a moment to complete each of the tasks below!

  • Read the Terms of Service
  • Download and apply the latest version of the ThetaBlocks Resource Pack

Terms of Service

Please read our Terms of Service before using or connecting to anything provided by ThetaBlocks.

Downloading and Applying the Latest Resource Pack

The latest version of the ThetaBlocks Resource Packs can be found at the ThetaBlocks website near the bottom of the page:

Connecting to the Server

Once you have completed the tasks above, you are ready to connect to the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server and Services. To do so, please connect to the following IP Address in the Minecraft multiplayer menu:

Server IP Address: This can be obtained by reading the ThetaBlocks Terms of Service linked above!

If you need any help, feel free to talk with us on our Discord server.

What to Do After Logging Onto the Server

Upon logging into the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server, you will appear at the ThetaBlocks Spawn as a Traveler, where you will be able to find transportation to many areas of the server. While you are free to explore and see many of the different projects being built on the server, it is important to note that you will not be able to build in any world except the Travelers Vally. Only players of the rank Builder or higher may build in areas outside of the Travelers Valley.