Travelers Valley

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About Travelers Valley

Travelers Valley Spawn Port

Travelers Valley is the designated location on the ThetaBlocks Minecraft Server in which people of the rank Traveler may build.

This area may be used for recreational building, or to create builds for a Member application upon first joining the server. This area will be first location you have access to building within upon connecting to the server.

Travelers are encouraged to experiment with different styles using the official ThetaBlocks Resource Pack so that they may get a feeling for how to use the various textures and palettes within the pack.

Once a player has obtained the rank of Member by submitting a Member Application in-game, and it is approved, they are no longer required to build within the Travelers Valley and can instead experiment with styles and palettes within the Sandbox, or to create a project within the main world, Xavon.

General Information

  • Each Plot within the Travelers Valley is 101 blocks x 101 blocks.
  • You can claim instantly with /plot auto regardless of which world you are in.
  • You can add other players to your plot to help you build with /plot trust [playername].
  • More Players means a stricter review criteria - Ask an Administrator for specifics.