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AFK Boxing is an ancient trickster sport. While the origins remain a mystery, transcribed below is the honorable Tanviirian Rule Set by which Theta Blocks plays. The name of the game is to, while another player is AFK, entrap them by building around them.


  1. If the victim is successfully AFK Boxed, they must clean up the box.
  2. If the Boxer unsuccessfully AFK Boxes someone else, they must clean up the box.
  3. Use of commands to move a victim into position is prohibited. Physically moving a victim through nudging or pistons is allowed.

To break these rules is to be considered dishonorable.
If anyone other than the Boxer and Victim is made to clean up an AFK box, this is considered incredibly dishonorable and poor sportsmanship for both parties.

AFK Box Requirements

For the AFK Boxer, these requirements must be met in order to consider your victim successfully AFK Boxed

  1. The victim must be unable to escape from their Box without breaking blocks, or using commands to escape (/spawn, /tp, etc.)
  2. AFK boxes must never damage any builds surrounding the victim. Surrounding builds can be used to partially trap the victim, but otherwise are not considered part of the box.
  3. Boxes must be constructed solely from hand placement, or single block snipes with Aerosniper. (/b s)
  4. All boxes must be signed by the Box maker using a Sign. These signs should include the following
    • Name of the Boxer Required
    • Name of the Victim Required
    • Personalized message Optional

AFK Box Protection

For potential victims, there are several ways to protect yourself from AFK Boxing.

  • Fly above build limit.
  • Fly below build limit.
  • Disconnect from the server until you return.
  • Box yourself. Self-boxing need only follow the first two requirements of successful AFK boxing, but you are still required to clean it up afterwards.

Other Information

  • Bonus points go to an AFK Boxer for boxing someone who is not actually AFK.
  • Bonus points go to an AFK Boxer for making a beautiful box. Be creative!
  • Saving of beautiful boxes before removal is permitted.
  • The only honorable exception to the cleaning rule is if the box is beautiful enough to fit in with the surrounding builds, and the owner of the project wishes to keep it.
  • In the event of a dishonorable victim who refuses to clean their box, it is considered great sportsmanship for the Boxer to clean it up instead.

Beautiful Box Hall of Fame

Share your beautiful boxes with a picture below!