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Type: City
Location: South Xavon
Founded: 01/01/2017
Status: 95% complete
Lead architect: Budderman
Notable contributors: Rct
Travel: HMS Founder Mk2 from Port Homage

Brenswick is a medieval city located in the region of Brenland, it is the oldest city on the continent.


Brenswick was created very early last year in 2017, as a small project to keep Budderman busy during work. As it went on, it grew to be a large town / city, with sprawling streets and a deep underground secret. Under permission of JonSM He has used the Cathedral from the town of Fode from The Voxel Box, a town that I helped him build. After almost a year it's nearing completion!


Brenswick as a city goes back to the 1400's, in early medieval Xavon. It's creation was centred around the Space Time rift now located in the cathedral. Legend has it that when Xavon was split by these time space rifts, early settlers of Brenland began their village there, believing the rift to be a gateway to god. As their town grew, the construction of a cathedral began around the rift, since it was believed that the townsfolk would have a greater connection to the world beyond. Having a strong religious backing, Brenswick became a very influential city in Brenland, and was able to establish strong trade routes with nearby settlements such as Thimbleton. They also had a strong dependence on their dock for trade and food income, and sending goods out to gain money.

As the City grew and medieval technology grew, they were able to build stronger ships and travel the world of Xavon, encountering many strange and new things! Sailors who sailed beyond "The known world" would come back telling stories of great big buildings, something called electricity and strange new languages. It was at this point that the people of Brenswick realised they were not alone in this world.