Castle Davíd

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Castle Davíd
Castle Davíd
Type: Castle
Location: Brenland
Status: Exterior complete, Interior still in progress
Lead architect: Vox
Notable contributors: Jeasolis, Budderman, CptRct
Travel: /warp Castle-David

Castle Davíd is a prime example of east-brenlandic architecture. With countless turrets and many secret rooms, it can be explored for hours on end. The construction of the exterior was largely a solo operation, whereas the interior is a collaboration between builders. There are a few remaining rooms available for the aspiring interior artist.


It is said that the construction of the castle began in 1250 when king John the First defeated the wild mountain barbarians to claim the mountain. Having spent the first years of his reign building up the merchant town of Thimbleton, the castle was built to cement his rule. The builders charged with the construction of the castle spent the first 20 years constructing the mighty causeway.

Not much happened to the castle over the next 400 years until some time in the mid 1700s, where the BBTC bought one of the minor buildings. This purchase and sponsorship lead to a large modernization of the castle. Some BBTC builders dug too deep, and claimed there lay a secret chamber deep within the mountain. To this day it is not yet known what lies at the ends of the deep catacombs beneath the castle.