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Illiamna Resort

Project Status: Abandoned.


Illiamna resort is considered one of the historical jewels of the world, a mountain resort built in 990 BE over a hot spring coral lake in the middle of the Alashe Mountains range. At a elevation of 13,000 feet this unique mountain resort usually opens in mid April and closes down for the winter. During the summer seasons temperatures usually waver anywhere between 70-90 degrees with a water temperature of 80. Winter conditions consist of sub zero temperatures ranging from -25F to 10F with average snowfall of 15 to 35 feet. Owned and operated by the central government the Alashe mountain range is considered a protected zone, hunting and fishing are very regulated. In 2015 a forest fire was started on Heavens peak and quickly swept over the area. In an attempt to save the main building sprinklers were installed to attempt to redirect the damage, however were unsuccessful. Two days later after the fire had been put out by rain inspectors returned to the resort only to find that the main building had caught fire and the only thing remaining was the stone walls that supported it. It is believed that the cause was a spark getting blown up into the rafters. Due to complications with the building structure and a bankrupt parent company the resort was abandoned to it's fate. In 2017 an attempt to re build the resort was another by another company called <Corrupt Data> however the cost of repairs far exceeded their budget and they withdrew.

After the Crash

After the Historical Foundation Society returned to the ruins of the Illiamna resort only to find not ruins but a resort in hibernation after a long winter. The windows and doorways were still boarded up, and no fire damage was found. In fact when they booted up the mainframe the computers date were set to July 19th 2014, a year before the fire had even occurred. In January the entire mountain range is now considered a National Park run by the central government. The resort itself is operated by a contracted third party company. Currently in Operation: No Closed Down Date: 2015 Cause: Fire

Points of Interest

Illiamna Lake Resort Lodge

The Illiamna Lake Lodge sits on a underwater bedrock ledge overlooking the most spectacular reef in the lake. Construction of this 45,000 square foot building started in 883 BE and was completed 5 years later in 889 BE.

Alashe Northern Train Station

Sperry Chalet

Hidden high in the mountains Sperry Chalet sits next to Gressen Lake at the base of Heavens Peak. Guests can explore one of the most fantastic views in the entire Valley by taking a 2 hour horse ride. (TBC)

Apgar Woods Campgrounds

Located at the north end of the lake this remote campground sits on bluffs above Lake Noxmorra.


During 881 BE exploration because popular throughout the nations, especially into terrain that was considered difficult to traverse. Found by a unknown explorer in 883 BE Illiamna resort was considered one of the nations jewels due to the high mountain hot water spring and coral reefs that inhibit it's lake. In 882 construction of the railway and the train station began to allow for supplies to be brought up easier than the treacherous cliff paths, however construction was not completed until 892 due to negative temperatures and massive snow fall. Construction started for the main building in 982 and was completed in 990.


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