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Basic information
Role(s): Moderator
Gender: Male
Birthplace: United States
Language(s): English, Music
Nickname(s): Kura
Website: Soundcloud
Notable Projects: Port Opaudee, Oregano Shop(Spawn)
Regional Affiliation: Xavon


Kuraishin is a long-time Minecraft builder and composer. Having participated on several Minecraft servers over the years, Kuraishin has most notably served as an admin for The Voxel Box and The Dream Sanctuary creative servers. He currently holds the rank of Moderator on the Theta Blocks Server.

Building Styles
Kuraishin tends to favor towards real-world representations of architecture rather than fantasy, so most of his buildings are aimed at being as realistically and historically accurate as possible. This allows the viewer to gain a mental image of looking at a Minecraft creation and being able to imagine actually looking at the building as if it existed in real life. Therefore, Kuraishin tends to build mostly in a modern format, as can be seen when visiting his current region of Port Opaudee.

One of Kuraishin's great architectural interests lies in cathedrals. This interest was originally sparked after reading the Ken Follett novel, Pillars of the Earth. The novel centers around the building of a Gothic Cathedral in Medieval England around the 11th century. Kuraishin has since designed and built several different cathedrals on various servers, culminating in his current cathedral located in Port Opaudee.
While one of his bucket list goals is to do a multi-country cathedral tour, he has, to date, visited the National Cathedral in Washington DC and Palma Cathedral in Mayorca.

Kuraishin holds a professional degree as a Music Educator and is an avid composer. He has been composing music since 1996 and has written over 100 pieces. His music has been performed on stage by middle school, high school, and college level ensembles, as well as being featured in numerous YouTube videos. He is currently waiting for Hollywood to get their heads out of their asses and hire him to compose for movies and television. Examples of his music can be found on his Soundcloud page.

Real Life
Kuraishin currently is the general manager of a music store. He is married with two children and lives in North Carolina. In addition to Minecraft and music, Kuraishin also enjoys computer gaming, traveling, and sleeping whenever possible, except when he lets his addiction to caffeine and computers keep him up until the wee hours of the morning.


Port Opaudee