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List of Projects on Xavon

Major Projects


Brenland is a Region ran and created by Admin Budderman, and consists currently of two towns.


Otherwise known as New Zah, this region is ran and created by Admins Kesaro and CptRct.

It consists of a number of towns and projects, but is currently broken into two areas.

  • The Palace of Sands - A Large Ornate Palace surrounded by a mixture of Arabic-themed projects.
  • The Floodplains - A Meandering Nile-esque River surrounded by Farms and small Towns, culminating in a sprawling city.

Port Opaudee

Port Opaudee was created and constructed by Moderator Kuraishin. The city currently consists of a walking resort town featuring a Neo-Gothic cathedral as the centerpiece. A large scale metropolitan city, Opaudee City, is planned for the future.


Celeston was created and constructed by Resident Gorthog.

Thousand Rocks

The Homeslands of Thousand Rocks are a collection of farming islands overlooked by a classic Caribbean fort and managed by refugees from the lost land of Kasidierra.

It was created by Admins CptRct and Kesaro.


Tilvano is a city built by JJ1forces and based off the video game 'Transistor'. It makes use of a custom overlay pack in conjunction with the Xavon Resource Pack.

Minor Projects

Iliamna Resort

A Hotsprings Resort by Builder Rezel.


A Rocky Medieval Village that sits in the Oceans south of Thousand Rocks by Resident Wuandune.

Misc Areas

Whitelist Mountain

An Area created by Kesaro and managed by Budderman, any and all successful Travellers Valley builds that are not expanded into their own projects are added here for posterity and as easy reference for the standards we hope our new players can meet.

Port Homage (Spawn)

Spawn is universally managed and built by our Admins and Moderators, based on a concept and design created by Jmck95 and Kesaro.

Whilst located within the Xavon World, it is it's own region with separate permissions for all users and cannot be edited without direct supervision from an Admin. Spawn regularly features a shifting Spawn Circle that any users may submit, pending approval of an Admin.

More Information to Come.