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Basic information
Lead developer: Ajcool
Documentation: Ajcool, Rct

ThetaStuff is a plugin that has some dope features.


Custom AFK messages

When you type /afk ThetaStuff will display a random AFK message from its database.

To add an AFK message to the database:

/addafkmessage <message>
Note: There is currently no command to delete afk messages, so please double check spelling/grammar before hitting enter.

To set your own message when going AFK simply type:

/afk <message>


Using the rope tool (/i rabbitfoot) you can make rope entities.

  • Left click to set point A.
  • Right click to set point B.
  • Crouch+left click on a block that does have a rope attached to it to remove that rope.
  • Crouch+left click on a block that does not have a rope attached to it to deselect the current rope.
  • Crouch right click to select an already existing rope in order to edit it.


Thetaboards are scrollable holographic boards that are made with signs.

To make boards, place a sign with the following:

Line 1 #wiki #text #image #wikiimage
Line 2 Page name Filename.txt Filename.png Filename on Wiki (banner.png)
Line 3 <width>x<height> <width>x<height> <width>x<height> <width>x<height>
Line 4 Board Options (See Below)

Board Options

These options are separated by ";" on the forth line of the sign. (inv;yoff=3)

inv | i: Invert the placement of the board.

yoff | y: Set the Y-Offset of the board.

cached | c: Caches each scroll-frame of the board, allowing for normally laggy boards to run smoothly.

#{Hex Color} Supports any Hex Color as well as the Hex Color short hand (#F00 for #FF0000)

Example: i;y=1;c;#800080

Hover Tags

Hover Tags display a short description when you hover over someone's name in chat.

To add/remove a description to/from someone's name:

/name <set/remove> <Playername> <Nickname> <Description>


Trails display a trail of a specified particle behind the player as they move around.
For a list of available particles please click here

To give yourself a trail:

/trail <particle> <count> <offsetX> <offsetY> <offsetZ> <spread>

To remove your trail:

/trail remove


Smoking Pipe: Right click with a Pipe (Iron Nugget) to take a puff, hold shift to take a large puff.