Rctech Corporation

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Rctech Corporation
Basic information
Type: Technology supplier
Status: Active
Headquarters location: Sector 4
Subsidiaries: Rctaxi
Founder: [REDACTED]
CEO: Someone disposable
Major activities: Research and development
Deep space exploration
Weapons manufacture
Products: A large variety of consumer electronics
Various spacecraft
Space suits
Geostationary Ion Cannons
Clients: B.B.T.C

The Rctech Corporation, often shortened to Rctech was founded in [DATA UNAVAILABLE]. Rctech is primarily a technology supplier, manufacturing electronics and spacecraft for many industrial and commercial clients, making them a household name in Sector 4. Rctech also has numerous non-manufacturing interests; the company has extensive assets in space-time rift research.

Critics have accused Rctech of inventing and using time travel to stay ahead of the competition, no evidence could be found to confirm such theories.


Rctech used to have an office in Brenswick untill an incident in May of 1480 (Local Time) resulted in all of its local employees being burned at the stake for "practicing witchcraft"

At some point, weapons manufactured by Rctech were used in the destruction of Sector 2, Rctech claimed they were not directly involved in the distribution of said weapons.