B.B.T.C (Black Buffalo Trading Company)

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B.B.T.C (Black Buffalo Trading Company)
B.B.T.C (Black Buffalo Trading Company)
Basic information
Slogan: We deliver.
Type: Trading Organization
Headquarters location: Xavon, Unknown
Founded: Atumn 2017, Port Homage, Xavon
Founder: Jeasolis
CEO: Jeasolis
Notable employees: Jim
Major activities: Galactic domination
Products: Trade. That's right, we invented trade
Clients: Rctech

"The B.B.T.C is your one-stop shop for all your needs. The B.B.T.C has trading posts conveniently located in all inhabited cites, and also in the entirely uninhabited Sector4. We do not really know how that one got there. Engineering blames marketing, marketing blames legal and legal has been at a 'conference' in Port Oupadee for the last six months and they do not return our calls"
–Unnamed B.B.T.C Employee


The Black Buffalo Trading Company, more commonly known as "The B.B.T.C" founded by the pioneering Jeasolis in the early autumn of 2017. The B.B.T.C carved the path for all markets and entrepreneurs across Xavon. With its revolutionary marketing the B.B.T.C became the household trading organization in Xavon.

Critics of the B.B.T.C have accused them of being a power-hungry monopoly bent on galactic domination, a claim that the B.B.T.C has neither confirmed nor denied.

As a result of the destruction of Sector2 the B.B.T.C was heavily critizicized for selling weapons of mass destruction too the highest paying customer (These customers were usually members of illegal pirate gangs). The fact is, the B.B.T.C did not actually manufacture the weapons as they only sold them. Rctech were one of B.B.T.C's suppliers. They were caught in licensing issues over geostationary Ion cannons. However, a large majority of gizmos and weapons were produced by the B.B.T.C.



In the beginning the B.B.T.C was nothing more than a market stand at the Port Homage docks. After surprising success in Port Homage Jeasolis made the decision to expand from the small market square and built his first shop within the city walls of Brenswick.In the early beginnings of the B.B.T.C history there were rumours surfacing regarding the existance of a secret B.B.T.C HQ, Conspiracy theorists believe the headquarters is located somewhere beneath Port Homage. Altough these rumours still appear from time to time the B.B.T.C has managed to grow their company throughout Xavon and eventually expanding into outer space, Sector 4.If these rumours were to be true, This would unveil the B.B.T.C for being a mega corporation hiding as a start-up entrepreneur business.

When approached and questioned about the potential existance of a secret headquarters the Owner, and Founder, of the B.B.T.C Jeasolis threw poo at the press and scurried up a tree.




Port Opaudee



(Port homage)




Sector 4